Unique Aspects of Indianapolis Motorcycle Accidents

What tends to make motorcycle accidents different from automobile accidents in Indianapolis is that there is no steel cage surrounding the rider like when they are in a car or a truck. That makes the rider more susceptible to injury. When they do get injured, it is more severe, because more cycles tend to go down the road as fast as cars and trucks. If there is an impact, the rider is more vulnerable. Consult with a professional car accident attorney to learn more about the unique aspects of Indianapolis motorcycle accidents.

Common Causes of Accidents

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Indianapolis involves failure of the driver to see the motorcyclist and the mistakes of the motorcyclist. Failure to see the driver is the number one cause of motorcycle collisions. Defendants often say they are sorry that they did not see the motorcyclist. More than half of motorcycle accidents are caused by a driver violating the motorcyclists’ right of way, turning in front of them, and rear-ending them.

In multi-vehicle accidents, drivers turned left in front of an oncoming motorcycle. With single-vehicle accidents, two-thirds are caused by mistakes by the motorcycle rider. An experienced motorbike collision attorney tends to have a better understanding of the unique aspects of Indianapolis motorcycle accidents.

Motorbike vs. Pedestrian Accidents

In Indianapolis, some factors that may lead to motorcycle accidents happening more frequently than pedestrian accidents include motorcycles sharing the road with larger vehicles, which causes the vehicle not to see the motorcyclist. Pedestrians are typically in a crossing area. Sometimes they do not see the motorcyclist because it is not a big vehicle, which causes a collision. Consult with a proficient attorney to learn more about the unique aspects of Indianapolis motorcycle accidents.

Heightening Awareness

Motorcyclists could make themselves more aware of the increased risks of injury compared to other types of motor vehicles by using their common sense. A lot of people ride because they want to have the freedom of riding and to feel the air going past their face or through their hair. It results in a lot of people not wanting to wear helmets or any other safety gear. They assume that an accident is not going to happen.

Everyone assumes that accidents happen to everyone else, but not to themselves until it is too late. Being aware of the importance of safety equipment and predicting what other drivers are going to do is important. They have to be aware of the roadway, know when gravel is ahead, and any unexpected hazards that might pop out.

The rider has to constantly be scanning. They should not be drinking alcohol. They should not be talking to their passenger or texting, because that gets them in trouble. It is important to wear gloves, helmets, and other equipment. It starts with taking a certified motorcycle rider course on driving so they are provided with the proper education. In terms of safety, it is their decision as to what they want to do. They take their own risk as to what happens to them.

Importance of Contacting an Indianapolis Motorbike Collision Attorney

Due to the unique aspects of Indianapolis motorcycle accidents, you may need to consult with a well-versed attorney before proceeding with any legal action. A motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to provide you with valuable information as well as legal guidance. Reach out to an attorney to schedule a consultation today.