Benefit of an Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Following a motorbike accident, there are many thoughts that could be going through your head. You may probably be wondering about the expenses you might incur. These expenses may include medical assistance, car repair fees, and attorney fees. You may decide that may not need the assistance of a credible attorney in order to save money, but the benefits of an Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer may be worth the cost.

Handling Accident Cases

One of the many benefits of an Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer is that they work on a contingency fee basis. They do not have to pay someone before they get their services.

This is due to the fact that a lot of law firms have the financial wherewithal to be able to fund the case. If a person goes into a lawyer’s office and that lawyer says that they work on a contingency fee arrangement, meaning that they are paid at the end and only if they are successful, but they want some money to pay for the advance cost, they are in the wrong place.

The law firm should provide them with an interest-free loan for the purpose of purchasing medical records, getting a doctor’s narrative, or prepare medical exhibits, independent medical exams, and accident reconstruction experts.


Following a settlement for a verdict, assuming that they are successful, they get paid a percentage of a case settled plus reimbursement for any costs incurred on behalf of that specific case. This does not include overhead, like pay for the paralegal, the rent, or the light bill.

The risk is on the attorney and not the injured rider. Even if there is some damaging information that may be fatal to the case and the law firm is out a couple of thousand dollars trying to investigate, they do not get paid and they do not ask the client to reimburse them for the cost. Other firms may want to recover their cost.

Repaying Medical Insurance

As a person goes through their medical treatment, their health insurance may want to get paid back. There is a clause within health insurance contracts that if a person gets money from another insurance company because of an accident and their health insurance company pays for their bills related to their accident, they have a legal obligation to repay that health insurance.

Minimizing Payback Obligations

Lawyers not only maximize the victim’s value of their claim by getting as much as they deserve, they also minimize any type of payback obligation by negotiating with the health insurance plans. That takes significant time and effort, which they are not paid or obligated to do. They do it because it is in the victim’s best interest.

Insufficient Compensation

If a victim of a motorcycle-related injury and the liability insurance is not sufficient to properly compensate, but there is a large health insurance lien, lawyers go through this settlement memorandum. Should an attorney fee turn out to be greater than the victim’s net, they do not let that occur. Even though they have a fee agreement for a certain percentage, which changes based upon the complexity of the case, if the attorney fee is larger than the client’s net, they reduce their fee without the client asks.

This is an automatic, in-house procedure that they do if it is the right thing to do and is in the person’s best interest. It makes no sense to try to handle it themselves because they are not going to know what type of damages they end up demanding and they are not going to know what kind of evidence is needed to objectively support that evidence. This is one of the more notable benefits of an Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer that is provided without question.

Relief an Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Attorney Provides

Lawyers help by allowing clients to focus on their health, see their doctors, get back to work, and get their life back. The lawyer talks to the adjuster and understands how to handle cases due to their previous experiences.

If there is a statement that is necessary, they prepare that person for the statement because they know the questions that they may be asked and they are on the phone with them during that questioning. They are capable and confident handling motorcycle injury cases. If you believe you would benefit from the benefits of an Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer, speak with an attorney today.