How are motorcycle accident claims different from truck or car accident claims?

Even though motorcycle accident claims fall under the umbrella of personal injury law, they can differ from car or truck accident claims in several key ways, including causes and injuries. For example, a motorcycle handles differently than passenger vehicles such as a car, truck, or SUV. As a result, motorcycle accidents can be caused by things that might not necessarily cause a car or truck to crash, such as potholes, cracked or crumbling pavement, or small debris in the roadway.

Also, because motorcyclists lack the steely exterior protection afforded to drivers and passengers in cars or trucks, the injuries they sustain in traffic accidents tend to be catastrophic or even fatal. In turn, this can affect the size of the potential financial award in personal injury or wrongful death insurance claims or lawsuits.

Additionally, motorcyclists often face unfair bias from insurance companies, law enforcement officers, judges, and even juries. Uncorrected false preconceived notions and assumptions of fault can threaten to derail a rider’s insurance claim or lawsuit after an accident. Fortunately, experienced motorcycle accident lawyers work to chip away at these biases in an effort to ensure clients get the justice they deserve.

Do You Need Help With a Motorcycle Accident Claim or Lawsuit?

If you or someone you love was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, you may be grappling with life-altering injuries and a deluge of unexpected medical debt or, even worse, grieving the loss of a loved one. A personal injury or wrongful death insurance claim or lawsuit can provide the financial compensation and the closure that motorcycle accident victims need to move forward.

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