What Is Life Like After a Brain Injury?

Caused by a sudden jolt or blow to the head, brain injuries are one of the most serious personal damages associated with motor vehicle accidents. These injuries can cause a wide range of cognitive, sensory, communication, and emotional impairments. While the physical trauma connected to a brain injury may heal with time, for some victims, life may never return to the way it was before the incident occurred.

This sad reality is particularly true for people who’ve suffered moderate to severe brain injuries. These individuals may have difficulty:

  • Concentrating
  • Remembering or reasoning
  • Seeing
  • Balancing
  • Communicating with or understanding others

They may also experience personality changes, such as unusual aggression, or behave inappropriately in social situations. Unfortunately, these effects can strain both personal and professional relationships, and make even the simplest of day-to-day activities unbearably difficult, if not downright impossible.

The Financial Reality of Life After a Brain Injury

Additionally, victims of moderate and severe brain injuries often require ongoing medical treatment, and those most severely injured may even require lifelong care. The cost of such care can strain finances and leave victims buried under a mountain of medical debt—especially since many brain injury victims are unable to work.

People who suffered brain trauma in an accident caused by another person’s negligence shouldn’t have to shoulder this immense financial burden on their own. Fortunately, personal injury laws allow such victims to seek both economic and non-economic compensation from responsible parties. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, victims may be able to successfully obtain a financial award for medical costs, property damage, lost wages and loss of earning potential, and even pain and suffering.

Do You Need Help Pursing Compensation For a Brain Injury?

If you or someone you love is grappling with the long-lasting effects of a moderate to a severe brain injury sustained in an accident, you have legal options. Contact Sevenish Law today to discuss the details of your case. Our firm’s Clients First® Bill of Rights ensures you and your case will receive the care and respect you deserve.