What Are Some Common Motorcycle and Bicycle Injuries?

Though riding bicycles and motorcycles offer a sense of real freedom and exhilaration, traveling by either are activities also characterized by a fair degree of danger. Both motorcycles and bicycles do not provide riders with the steel barrier of a car or truck, and therefore cyclists may find themselves at the mercy of negligent drivers with whom they share the roads.

If you intend to engage in one of these popular pastimes, it is important to learn more about the types of common motorcycle and bicycle injuries that occur in Indianapolis.

How Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents Happen

Though every accident event is unique and has its own set of facts and contributing circumstances, there are several scenarios that tend to leave motorcyclists and bicyclists especially vulnerable to catastrophic loss.

Careless or distracted driving are responsible for a regrettable number of accidents each year. Failure on the part of drivers to leave sufficient room between themselves and cyclists or take precautions against blind spots also have the potential to produce tragedy.

Debris on the road from the negligent disposal of items, uneven street surfaces resulting from improper maintenance or design, and dangerous operation of municipal buses or emergency response vehicles also put cyclists in real danger. Finally, defective equipment can also create precarious situations that cause hazards to riders. When these situations unfold, the risk of profound bodily harm is substantial.

Injuries Suffered in Indianapolis Motorcycle and Bicycle Crashes

The tremendous size and weight disparities combined with the jarring physical forces at work in any entanglement between a passenger car or truck and a motorcycle or bicycle make it highly unlikely for those involved to emerge unscathed. Fatalities occur all too often and cyclists who do survive tend to suffer debilitating injuries and face long-term impairment, pain, and long paths to recovery. Typical injuries in motorcycle and bicycle accidents in Indianapolis include:

  • Abrasions, road rash, and resulting infection
  • Spinal cord damage including possible paralysis
  • Bone fractures
  • Crush injuries
  • Muscle damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Severe burns
  • Lasting disfigurement

An Accident Attorney Can Help Victims of Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents in Indianapolis

The law provides victims of negligence the opportunity to seek fair financial compensation for a range of losses, but the process can be daunting without the help of a zealous advocate. At Sevenish Law, we are riders. We understand the uniqueness of motorcycle and bicycle crashes, and how they should be handled.

If you or a loved one suffers from one or more motorcycle and bicycle injury and are ready to fight for justice, there is no reason to delay.

Call an Indianapolis motorcycle and bicycle accident attorney who can help guide you through this complex process. Call The Sevenish Law Firm. We stand by the side of our clients, offering guidance and fighting each step of the way for the compensation they deserve.