Why Should I Work With a Lawyer Rather Than a Claims Adjuster?

Serious personal injury accidents that cause harm to an individual tend to create chaos and upheaval in the lives of those involved. From enduring physical pain, accumulating medical bills, losing work hours, and other ancillary difficulties, the time immediately following such an occurrence can be extremely trying.

Endeavoring to negotiate with an insurance carrier who is focused on reducing or denying the value of your claim can make an already tough time far more difficult. While it is certainly possible to go it alone in pursuing compensation after an accident, the advantages of hiring a personal injury attorney in Indianapolis are too numerous to ignore.

Navigating Discussions with Insurance Adjusters

Though many accident victims are tempted to handle their damage claim by working with the insurance claims adjuster rather than a lawyer, it may help such individuals to gain a true understanding of the motives underlying every adjuster’s actions.

Insurance carrier personnel are not driven to give claimants the full amount of resources necessary to recover from their accident, but instead are incentivized to settle cases for the lowest dollar figure possible. Adjusters will make every attempt to undermine, question, and refuse payment wherever they are able to further their employer’s financial interests. On the other hand, an injury lawyer is paid by the victim and therefore has the injured party’s needs in mind.

As such, those who sustained serious harm in an accident and do not involve an attorney from the start are put at a very real disadvantage, especially if they are inexperienced with negotiations of this type with insurance adjusters. In addition, it can be extremely challenging for an injury victim to accurately collect, organize, and present vital medical treatment records, crash documentation, and other elements critical to an effective claim. By contrast, a knowledgeable Indianapolis injury lawyer understands how to evaluate each person’s losses and aggressively advocate for a fair and appropriate payout.

Access to Support Staff and Other Invaluable Resources

Given the individualized, fact-intensive nature of personal injury claims, it should come as no surprise that such matters involve substantial volumes of medical records, expert testimony, crash reconstruction reports, and other evidence that must be carefully cultivated and maintained to make for a persuasive case.

A seasoned personal Indianapolis injury attorney will have access to the support staff, subject-matter experts, and other key resources essential to engaging in effective dealings with insurance adjusters.

When Litigation Becomes Inevitable

A significant portion of injury claims are settled well in advance of formal litigation. However, there are instances in which the parties simply cannot come to terms, and a lawsuit is required.

Unassisted negotiation of an insurance claim is stressful enough for accident victims, but such a task can seem simple in comparison to attempting to represent oneself if the disagreement moves to a courtroom.

Individuals who lack experience with the legal system may find it extraordinarily difficult to meet filing deadlines, comply with discovery requirements, and mount successful arguments.

Trying to do battle with an insurance carrier that resolves hundreds, if not thousands, of accident cases annually is certain to be a daunting experience for the uninitiated. The chances that such individuals will obtain the full value of their accident claim on their own are likely to be quite low. The guidance and legal strategies of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, however, can offer real hope of achieving the favorable outcome victims and their families deserve.

An Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer Demonstrates Strength Through Zealous Representation

Whether justified in their belief or not, insurance adjusters across Indianapolis commonly view unrepresented claimants as being easier to manipulate than those who have hired an attorney. All too often, this results in attempts to persuade victims into accepting paltry settlements that do not provide proper compensation for what has been lost.

When it comes to receiving the full financial recovery to which you are entitled, the advantages of hiring a personal injury lawyer are indisputable. Call The Sevenish Law Firm today to learn more about how an injury attorney can help you.