2018 Sevenish Scholarship: The Community Hero Scholarship

The personal injury lawyers of Sevenish Law Firm are dedicated to obtaining justice for the injured and are known as Fierce Protectors of the Injured. Founder Randall Sevenish has spent his entire adult life protecting others in one way or another. In addition to fiercely protecting Indiana clients injured in serious motor vehicle accidents for 33 years, he is a former Captain (retired) with Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Indianapolis and was the founder/original commander of the SWAT team. In addition, he has trained hundreds of public safety officers, and civilian men, women, and children how to protect themselves and others as a Master Karate Instructor (Sensei).

His legal career has always been focused on representing accident victims, and his law enforcement experience gave him the skills to investigate these accidents, which are invaluable when seeking compensation from the insurance companies. Our practice has reinforced community values and service to others. His genuine respect and loyalty to our heroes, such as parents and those in public safety who selflessly serve others and Indiana citizens by placing their lives on the line on a daily basis or by being an outstanding role model as a parent have never wavered and his support for these local heroes shall never stop.

In the vein of Randall’s lifelong service to his community and focus on being the best person he can be in and for his community, the Sevenish Law Firm has established a scholarship in the amount of $1,000 with the aim of honoring these ideals. The scholarship will be awarded to the student applicant who would like to honor such a hero in their community. The student’s hero could be a parent, police officer, firefighter, or another kind of public servant that has had a profound impact on the student’s life.

Scholarship Eligibility

Eligibility for this scholarship will be determined by the applicants’ current enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate academic program, or have a GED and are planning to attend college, and must have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA in school. In addition, the person who is awarded this scholarship will have a demonstrated interest in their community and appreciation for the value of service.


An application for this scholarship should include:

  • An unofficial resume,
  • Your most recent transcript,
  • A 1,000-word essay discussing someone who has positively affected the community and how this person’s actions have affected you and changed your life.


The deadline is September 30, 2018.

In order to be considered, applicants must send their application to [email protected] with the subject line: “[Applicant’s Name] – The Community Hero Scholarship” by September 30.

Thank you for your interest in 2018 The Community Hero Scholarship.

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