Safety Tips For Driving In Construction Zones

A construction zone poses several risks to drivers passing through the area. The Federal Highway Administration reports that in the past five years, more than 4,400 people died in work zone crashes, and 200,000 were injured. Eighty-five percent of those who died were the driver or passenger in a vehicle that was moving through the zone.

Indianapolis has had a rash of construction zone accidents in recent years, and in order to help you avoid a tragedy, provided below are several important safety tips. Keep yourself and your family safe by following these tips if you are driving through one of the many construction zones in the Indianapolis area.

Slow down

 indianapolis construction site injury lawyerConstruction areas often have cone zones that require you to merge into one lane. These zones have uneven driving surfaces. There are also workers, trucks and earth moving equipment operating in the area. Slow down and stay alert.

Eliminate Distractions

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Driving in a construction zone? Do not talk on your cellphone, or engage in any distracted driving behavior if moving through an area of road construction. End a call at once and focus your attention on the road ahead for your own safety.

Merge Early

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Rather than waiting for the last minute to merge into a single lane, merge when you first observe the posted warning signs.

Don’t Tailgate

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Traffic may be moving slowly, but keep a safe following distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead. A longer distance will allow you to come to a sudden stop safely, if necessary.

Obey Posted Speed Limit Signs

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If you see a posted speed limit for a construction zone, obey the signs. You can face double the fines if you violate the set limits. You endanger workers, as well as yourself and your passengers, if you do not obey these speed limits.

Watch for Flaggers and Obey Their Directions

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The flaggers are there to protect you, and to protect the workers. Watch carefully and follow their instructions.

Be Alert for the Unexpected

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Other drivers may or may not be following the rules. Trucks, loaders or workers could potentially enter your lane. While driving in a construction zone, you need to have all of your attention focused on the task at hand – getting through the area safely.

Construction Zone Accident Facts

The Indiana Department of Transportation reports the following statistics:

  • Four out of five people killed in work zones are drivers and passengers – not workers.
  • Rear-end accidents are the most common type of collision in construction zones.
  • It takes only one minute longer to travel through a construction zone at 45 mph rather than 65 mph.
  • Most fatal construction zone accidents occur on roads in which speed limits exceed 50 mph.

Indiana Work Zone Safety Laws

Steep penalties are imposed for any driving infraction in a road construction zone. A first speeding violation carries a $300 fine, a second violation $500, and the third offense within a three-year period carries a $1,000 fine. Any reckless or aggressive driving carries fines up to $5,000. Any person who, through their actions, has caused the death of a highway worker can face fines up to $10,000 and could spend up to eight years in prison.

These are aggressive penalties, but what about those innocent drivers who are injured due to the actions of the highway construction workers or another driver? Families suffer unimaginable tragedies when a loved one is seriously injured or dies in one of these terrible incidents.

Get Help From the Sevenish Law Firm in Indianapolis

If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident that took place in one of the many construction zones, it is important that you get legal representation to help you seek justice and compensation. Call our Indianapolis car accident lawyers at Sevenish Law Firm today for a free case review.