What Motorcyclists Need To Know In Order To Stay Safe On The Roads

When Dangerous Roads and Driver Negligence Cause Personal Injury

Riding a motorcycle is one of the greatest thrills of the road. There is a certain freedom and sense of adventure only cyclists understand. Unfortunately, this freedom and adventure often come at a dangerous price.

Riders face a greater risk on the roads than those driving cars and trucks. Their bodies are exposed and it can be difficult for other drivers to see them, especially when traveling at high speeds or in conditions that affect visibility. To make matters worse, a rider’s body is often the first thing to make contact with the road or other vehicle when a crash occurs.

Protecting Yourself When Riding

Every time a motorcyclist takes to the road in Indiana, he or she is at risk. It is essential all riders do whatever possible to keep themselves safe on the road. Take driver’s training courses that teach safe and defensive driving, and invest in the appropriate gear designed to keep riders safe. You must understand that as a rider, you are vulnerable and protecting your safety is your main priority when on your bike.

We are the only Indiana law firm endorsed by Road Guardians.

Even with the appropriate training and preparation, treacherous road conditions can put motorcyclists at risk of personal injury, and, unfortunately, at times wrongful death. This is especially true during the winter and spring, when roads are icy, snowy, or wet from rain storms. All of these conditions create slick driving conditions and reduce visibility. If you are going to ride a motorcycle, you must understand how road conditions affect your riding and learn how to ride in these types of conditions.

In addition to rider error and treacherous roads, other drivers on the road pose a risk to cyclists. When a cyclist is injured or harmed due to the negligence of another driver on the road, he or she is entitled to compensation. Riders must do all they can to protect their health and well-being while on the road, but should the unthinkable occur, they deserve to be compensated.

What You Can Do If You are Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

Despite your best efforts to be a safe rider, accidents occur. Injuries from motorcycle accidents often lead to expensive medical costs and lost time at work. If you were injured in an accident that was no fault of your own, you deserve financial support to help with these costs. Sevenish Law can help.

Sevenish Law offers compassionate and aggressive representation for those injured in motorcycle accidents. We are the only Indiana law firm endorsed by Road Guardians. Road Guardians is the education outreach program created by Accident Scene Management, Inc. that provides resources, rewards, and recognition to those who are properly trained and licensed. Their goal is to encourage lifelong learning for cyclists and to provide resources that make continued learning possible. We believe in the mission of this organization and want to do all we can to keep riders safe.

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